It seemed as though the 2005 murder of Texas Air Force Sergeant Michael Severance had been solved when police arrested his wife and accused her of a terrible death in 2005.

After spending 25 years for the murder of her husband, his wife claims she is ready to give her side of the story on ABC’s 20/20, which will be the first time she has spoken to the camera from behind bars since the incident.
After Air Force Sergeant Michael Severance vanished in 2005 with his car and cellphone, authorities have yet to find him.

Veterinarian Wendi Mae Davidson, Severance’s wife, told the San Angelo Police Department that she last saw him on the morning of January 15, 2005.

Her theory was that he was binge drinking because he was worried about being reinstated.

At the moment, he is preparing for his sixth expedition to the Middle East.

Air Force Special Investigations (OSI) and the San Angelo Police Department worked together to track down Severance after he failed to show up for his mission.

Forensic investigators had to seize the computers of suspects and place GPS tracking devices in their vehicles as part of their investigation.

Davidson had been searching for the keyword “decomposition in water,” according to computer analysis.

By tracking their vehicle, police discovered the couple’s isolated ranch, which is located approximately 20 miles outside the city.

Animal sedatives had been used to poison Severance, according to the toxicology report he received after his death.

“These are autopsy incisions to remove the gas that would typically build up in decomposing bodies,” explained Eddie Howard, then Tom Green County Magistrates’ Judge.

“The rage only affects one area at a time. It’s more localized. They’re all over the place.”

Arrested for handling the body, Davidson maintained she had nothing to do with his death, despite making exact cuts and carrying it to a lake, where it was found.

She insisted he was dead, saying he was found at her house.

Where is Michael Severance Now?

Micahel Severance is dead and buried. Severance’s body was recovered in a pond on a ranch about 20 miles away from the town where the couple lived.

How old is Michael Severance?

At the time of his passing, Severance was 25 years old. He was born on 20 Jul 1980


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