Who is The 4th Sanderson Sister?

Sanderson Sisters

Sarah Sanderson is a well-known actress who was born in the United States of America on November 5th, 1990.

In the Disney film Hocus Pocus, Sarah Sanderson is one of the Sanderson sisters. After being reawakened from their tombs, the three sisters made an attempt to prolong their own lives and maintain their youthful appearance by draining the vitality of young children.

Sarah Sanderson
Sarah Sanderson

She was in charge of attracting youngsters to their cottage by singing a particular tune that bewitches children with her alluring siren-like voice. She was also responsible for singing the song.

Sarah is a powerful and dangerous witch who enjoys torturing others and has a sick sense of humor about it. She calls it “playing” with her victims.

Sarah has a disposition that may be described as flirty and she enjoys having a good time. To Sarah’s credit, she doesn’t take her kids to Disney parks too often, so this is a fortunate circumstance for them.

Who is The 4th Sanderson Sister?

As of now, it is not evident that there is a 4th Sanderson sister, however, there are claims that one Elizabeth happens to be the 4th Sanderson sister.

According to a story that was spotted on Screenrant.com, Hocus Pocus 2 introduced Elizabeth as the Sanderson family’s youngest sister, and she was portrayed as being diametrically opposed to her three older siblings.

During the events that take place at the beginning of the first movie, she even made an attempt to prevent Emily (Amanda Shepherd) from following Sarah’s “Come Little Children” lullaby.

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