Along with her sister Mary, Sarah Sanderson is one of the two minor antagonists in the 2022 prequel to the 1993 Disney film Hocus Pocus. Along with her two sisters, Winifred and Mary, she is the youngest and most attractive witch who was alive during the Salem Witch Trials.

After 300 years, Max Dennison brought Sarah and her sisters back to life. They sought to use child abduction and soul-swapping to prolong their youthfulness. She was in charge of hypnotizing kids with her singing to entice them to their cabin.

She has very fair skin, long, curly light blonde hair, and a slim build. She wears a deep purple skirt atop a redder skirt with a slit up the side, stockings with black boots, and a bodice with flowery embroidery and lace sleeves. She always flies or wears a purple cloak with a hood.

Sarah is quite flirty and likes to “play” with other people, mostly men. It is strongly hinted that “playing” with people entails torturing them or simply having inappropriate relationships because she has a sick sense of humor. She is, however, quite submissive to her older sister Winifred and is unlikely to be as evil without her leadership.

Photos of Sarah Sanderson’s Costume in Hocus Pocus


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