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Who Is The Vikings Best Defensive Player? All Best Minnesota Vikings Defensive Players Of All -Time

Last season, Viking had the worse defense since the signing of Mike Zimmer as their head coach. The team’s defense was in the first time ranked 27th under him since he became the head coach in 2014. But things turned around for the team as players who were injured returned from injury.

We cannot keep our eyes closed on the free agency acquisitions which also made things possible for the arising of the once fallen defense of the team. We will talk about some of the best defensive players of Minnesota Vikings here.

Harrison Smith

harrison smith

The Vikings’ defensive leader at all times, Harrison Smith has rarely missed more than three times in the league since his debut in 2012. He was named to the Pro Bowl five times. He was also named to the First-Team All-Pro once. Harrison Smith is unarguably the best safety in the league, yet he is often underappreciated despite his consistent performance. Smith has had the most interceptions in the league since coming in 2012, and his impact on opposing offenses is seldom underestimated. Smith is an important aspect of Mike Zimmer’s plan.

Eric Kendricks

Eric Kendricks

Last season, the Vikings’ defense was poor on all levels, but they were able to hold it together because of Kendricks’ ability to make important plays. The Vikings began to lose points as soon as he was hurt, and his loss was palpable. Kendricks’ game is devoid of flaws. He can cover and stay up with anyone in the slot or any tight end in the receiving game, and his elite-level tackling makes him an invaluable member of the Vikings’ defense.

Danielle Hunter

Danielle Hunter

Hunter averages close to 15 sacks per season on his own, so you can see how crucial he is. Last season, the Minnesota Vikings struggled to get to the quarterback because Hunter was out the entire year. Danielle Hunter is a specimen that will wreak mayhem every time he gets onto the field. He manages to be a headache and disrupt the opposition attack despite being doubled and occasionally tripled on the line of scrimmage.

Michael Pierce

Michael Pierce

Last year, the Vikings were horrible against the run, giving up six touchdowns to Alvin Kamara and the Saints in one game. All these happened in the absence of Pierce when he opted out last year due to Covid-19. It is unlikely to happen again this year as the big man is back at  Viking’s defense

Patrick Peterson

patrick peterson

Patrick Peterson also known as P2 is a key element of the Vikings’ defense, and if he can perform at his peak, the Vikings defense will be among the best in the league.


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