Kenneth Stanley Bud Adams Jr. is an American businessman born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He was born on January 3, 1923, and by virtue of maternal line became a member of the Cherokee Nation.

Bud Adams is the founder and owner of Houston/Tennessee Oilers/Titians established in 1960, Houston mavericks establish in 1967 and Nashville Kats established in 2005.

Bud Adams was a graduate of the culver military academy and served in the United States Navy during world war II and after the war, he attained the rank of lieutenant (junior grade). He also studied at KU and became a member of the sigma chi fraternity after world war II.

In 1959, Kenneth Stanley Bud Adams Jr. had the feeling of owning a national football league team so he decided to buy Chicago cardinals but failed. Bud Adams was a strong pillar in the formation of the former American Football League.


Kenneth Stanley Bud Adams Jr. met his untimely death on October 21, 2013, in his home in Houston, Texas. He died at age 90.


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