Aleksandra Zelenskaya was born on July 15, 2004, in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, making her seventeen years old. She has a brother named Kiril Zelenskiy, who is the handsome son and second child of Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Kiril Zelenskiy was born in Ukraine in 2013, making him nine years old at the time of this writing.

Aleksandra Zelenskaya starred as Sasha, the protagonist’s daughter, in the 2014 film 8 New Dates, directed by Roman Zelenskyy.

In 2016, she was featured in the program The Comedy Comet Company Comedy’s Kids, for which she received a prize of 50,000 hryvnias.

Aleksandra Zelenskaya Husband

Aleksandra Zelenskaya has no husband yet, she is still young and has no plans for marriage yet. Aleksandra Zelenskaya is just 17 years old currently.

Is Aleksandra Zelenskaya Married?

No, Aleksandra Zelenskaya, the beautiful daughter of the current Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is not yet married. She is still young and has no marriage plans yet.

Zelenskaya was born in Pustomyty, a tiny hamlet in the Woyy Voivodeship of Poland (now in Ukraine), where she spent her early years. She has Ukrainian nationality.

She was raised in a peasant household and helped her parents cultivate a small piece of land that they owned as a family. Zelenskaya is not connected to any political party



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