Who is Jerry Springer’s wife Micki Velton: Biography, Net Worth & more, Brief Intro – Margret Velton, ex-wife of the American Tv star Gerald Norman Springer. She is an entrepreneur who hit the spotlight due to her marriage to a celebrity. She loves to keep her life private from the media.

How old is Micki Velton?

According to sources she’s in her 70s with no details to date, year, and month.

What’s Micki Velton’s net worth?

Her earnings and net worth are unavailable but that of her ex-husband is over 60 million dollars.

What’s Micki Velton’s height and weight?

Margret is 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 132 pounds, she is covered with gray hair, and a light-skinned complexion, and is obsessed with walking.

Whit’s Micki Velton’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

American of Caucasian ethnic background.

What’s Micki Velton’s profession?

There isn’t much disclosed about Micki. Not her early life, family, education or of her previous relationships. She is a private person with very less to divulge but according to sources, she’s an entrepreneur and is mostly seen with her ex-husband like an old married couple.

Who is Micki Velton married to?

Her first marriage was to Gerald Norman Springer mostly referred to as Jerry. They were married for 21 years in 1973 and divorced in 1994 due to reasons known to her.

Does Micki Velton have children?

Micki and her ex-husband, Jerry were blessed with a daughter, Katie is the only child of Jerry Springer. She was born with a defect in her nasal cavity, partial blindness, and deafness in one ear. She was born in 1976, is currently 45 years, and is married living a life unhindered by her disability.


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