Are Mason and Alex Greenwood Related?

Mason Will John Greenwood, an English professional footballer who plays forward for Premier League team Manchester United, was born on October 1, 2001.

Greenwood, who came up through the youth ranks, scored against Astana in a September 2019 UEFA Europa League encounter to become the club’s youngest-ever striker in a European fixture at the age of 17 years and 353 days.

Mason Greenwood
Mason Greenwood

Alex Greenwood on the other hand was born on September 7, 1993. Most of the time, Alex is a left-back. She can play in midfield but her specialty is set pieces. She took part in both the English and French first-division teams while playing for Olympique Lyon.

Greenwood also played for Manchester United, Liverpool, Notts County, and Everton in addition to them. She started her career as a professional with Everton.

Since 2014, Greenwood has been a member of the England national football team. In 2012, she received the FA Women’s Young Player of the Year award.

Alex has two sisters, but it doesn’t seem like she has a brother. Mason Greenwood, Alex’s speculated brother, has long been the focus of rumors. The two people’s blood kinship is not, however, supported by any evidence.

Alex and Mason don’t appear to have much in common save having the same last name. Mason isn’t Alex’s brother or a part of her family as a result.

The footballer gave little information about her younger siblings. But it’s very clear that the Greenwood sisters seem to have a close bond.

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