Chloe is a financial services marketing executive. She was born and raised in Bicester, Oxfordshire, and is currently 27 years old.

ITV asked her why she wanted to go on Love Island before she did, and she said, “I’ve been in some bad “situationships” and stuff, so I figured, why not?”

Chloe revealed that her close circle of friends considers her to be “funny,” and she added, “I’m always the funny one in a situation.”

“I constantly make an effort to make other people laugh. I’m the life of the party; outgoing, lively, and I never stop moving.”

Chloe Burrows Instagram

You can find Chloe Burrows on Instagram as @chloe burrows and her account is verified

As a result of her appearance on Love Island, her social media following has seen a significant increase, and she currently has 1.6 million followers.

Chloe Burrows Facebook

Chloe Burrows is not officially on Facebook as she spends the majority of her social media presence on Instagram and Twitter. She has a fan page on Facebook but its not official

Chloe Burrows Twitter

Cloe Burrows is on Twitter as @ChloeBurrows. She is verified with 188.9K Followers. She has been on Twitter since April 2021


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