R. Kelly has lost all the ladies in his life. Azriel Clary, his former “lover,” allegedly ended her relationship with the suspected rapist and kidnapper.

She has now reunited with her family after a long absence. Clary shared a number of pictures on Instagram to mark her liberation, and they show how happy she and her loved ones are.

After Kelly appeared to have posted her abuse narrative on Patreon in December, it seemed as though Savage was also trying to cut relations with her. She later claimed that the tale was false and that she had been impersonated.

She and Clary were still defending R. Kelly at the time, saying he was innocent of all charges. In order to defend Kelly in 2019, the two even got down with Gayle King on CBS News.

In Surviving R. Kelly and Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning, the families of Clary and Savage each expressed how their daughters’ interactions with Kelly cut them off from the outside world. Now, we are very grateful that Clary’s courage allowed her to return to her loved ones. We wish Savage had the backing and security to do the same.

The 2019 interview, according to Clary, served as a wake-up call for her that she was losing herself in her connection with Kelly. She stated that a subsequent run-in with Savage had also made her uneasy. However, Clary claimed that being able to return to a loving family gave her the confidence to do so.


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