Former Theranos CEO and 37-year-old Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of fraud and conspiracy for her involvement in deceiving investors about her company’s blood testing capabilities. Theranos was situated in Silicon Valley but has since gone out of business.

According to the accusations made against the company, it said that it had made a cutting-edge medical technology that could diagnose a number of diseases and illnesses with just a small amount of blood.

The Associated Press reported that Holmes exhibited no reaction to the verdicts.

On the other hand, her partner Billy Evans who according to Vanity Fair, married Holmes in a covert ceremony in 2019  was reportedly observed clearly shaken while grabbing a sip of water in the hallway of the courthouse during a break after the judgments were delivered. 

Does Elizabeth Holmes Have Children?

According to birth certificates obtained by ABC News, the founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, and her partner Billy Evans welcomed their first child, William Holmes Evans, on July 10 in Redwood City, California.

According to documents filed with the court, Holmes initially told the court of her pregnancy in March of last year.

During the trial’s recess in June 2021, ABC News reported, the judge assured her that she could use a calm environment to care for her child.


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