Gregory Martin Itzin was an American character actor who appeared in movies and television. He is perhaps best remembered for his portrayal of Charles Logan in the action-thriller series 24, which is a character.

Itzin was the son of Evelyn Loretta and Martin Joseph Itzin and was born in Washington, D.C. His family relocated to Burlington, Wisconsin, where his father was mayor when he was in sixth grade.

Itzin had guest starring roles on several TV shows, including “Final Approach” from the MacGyver series (1986).

For his part in the Pulitzer Prize-winning play The Kentucky Cycle, he was nominated for a Tony Award. Itzin plays Religious Zealot #1 in the movie Airplane! He has the first few lines, but after the opening scene, he vanishes.

He played the accountant Howard for a casino owner in a brief appearance in The A-Team episode “Wheel of Fortune.”

Gregory Itzin’s Wife Judie Itzin?

Judie Itzin is the wife of actor Gregory Itzin. Judith and his husband Gregory have been married to Judie for over 40 years and have two children. A son  Wilke Itzi who is an actor, and Julia Itzin, their daughter.

Moreover, the husband and wife are the proud grandparents of Wylder Itzin, Wilke and Talia Itzin’s beautiful son.


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