Hadi Matar has been named as the suspect in connection with the vicious stabbing of novelist Salman Rushdie, according to the police.

Just moments before he was scheduled to deliver a presentation in New York, the well-known author, who was 75 years old, was attacked with several stab wounds to the neck.

Rushdie, whose novel “The Satanic Verses” in 1988 sparked fury throughout the world and led Iran to place a bounty on his life, was taken by helicopter to a hospital after he was found unconscious.

Because of the vicious nature of the assault, blood was sprayed all over the screen that was behind him. The individual who was responsible for the attack was taken into custody by the police quite quickly.

Hadi Matar
Hadi Matar

How old is Hadi Matar?

Hadi Matar is 24 years old. His birth month has not been released yet. Matar is a resident of Fairview, New Jersey.

Reports stated that police had arrived at Matar’s New Jersey home to conduct a search.

According to the story, a crowd formed at the intersection of Morningside Avenue and 7th Street, not far from where Hadi Matar was supposed to be living. On Friday night, police sealed off the road leading up to the house.

The inquiry has been taken over by the FBI at this point.

We are still awaiting additional information regarding Matar’s personal life, such as the identities of his parents and whether or not he was dating anyone.



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  1. Gee, why would anyone object to Muslim’s in their community? Also murdered the Japanese literature professor who translated Rushdie’s book in to Japanese.

    In 1998, the Iranian foreign minister said that the country no longer supported the fatwa against Rushdie, though a bounty for his death continues to be offered by an Iranian religious foundation. In 2012, the group increased the bounty from $2.8 million to $3.3 million.

    Others have been attacked in connection with “The Satanic Verses,” which was banned in several countries following its publication. Among them, Hitoshi Igarashi, who translated the book into Japanese, was stabbed to death in 1991 on the campus where he taught literature.

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