How Juan Soto Won The Home Run Derby Over Albert Pujols

This year’s All-Star game included a noteworthy moment quite early on. In the event that Tuesday’s All-Star Game does not live up to expectations, which is not advisable to do, the Home Run Derby on Monday offered a really lovely photo opportunity for the sold-out crowd at Dodger Stadium.

This will be Albert Pujols’ final season in the major leagues, and players from both All-Star teams came over to give him hugs and show their gratitude as he competed in the Home Run Derby. Pujols is a renowned hitter and is almost certainly going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Juan Soto
Juan Soto

The derby was won by Juan Soto, 23, of Washington, who took advantage of a bonus round to defeat Julio Rodriguez, 21, of the Mariners. Rodriguez hit a derby-high 81 home runs, including 32 and 31 in the first two rounds. Soto won by taking advantage of the bonus round.

In the championship game, Rodriguez’s 18 home runs were not enough to win. Soto had 15 home runs on the board when the regulation period ended, and he needed four more in one minute to win the game.

He reached the age of 19 with plenty of time to spare in order to collect the one million dollar reward, which is a $300,000 increase over Rodriguez’s wage in Seattle.

Although Pujols is the oldest participant in the competition’s history, many of the swings were a reminder of his magnificent prime and his 685 home runs, which place him seventh all-time in home runs.

Pujols not only wowed spectators, but also dozens of All-Stars with his impressive at-bat antics, which included raising his bat high, performing his high leg kick, and hitting for the fences.

After beating Kyle Schwarber in the first round, Pujols advanced to the second round to take on Soto. However, Pujols’ night came to an end after he was defeated by Soto.


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