How Long do Amazon Prime Day Deals Last?

According to Amazon, Prime Day was launched in 2015, just before the business’s 20th birthday, as a means for the corporation to provide bargains similar to those seen on Black Friday only to customers of its Prime membership program.

Since it begins on July 12 and continues through July 13, we’ll refer to this gathering as a two-day event. This week marks the beginning of Amazon’s annual shopping event known as Prime Day,

which takes place over the course of two days and offers Prime members exclusive discounts on products from both Amazon and other well-known national businesses. According to Amazon,

Amazon Prime Day 2022

Prime Day is held annually on the first Monday in July. Since the 21st of June, the colossal technology company has been running a sale in preparation for the event.

Amazon Prime Day, a two-day shopping extravaganza open only to Prime members, is a once-a-year tradition. Some of our favourite products are offered at slashed prices at the doorbuster sale every year.

Consumer items such as air fryers, robot vacuums, and headphones have all seen considerable price cuts as a result of these sales. It is open to both new and current Prime members to participate in the two-day exclusive bargain.

According to what they said, “this year is one of the years we’re making it easier for members to uncover their top offers, from tailored deal ideas to reminders via Alexa and all in between,”

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