Jack Ging, a well-known character actor who acted in three movies alongside Clint Eastwood and made appearances in Tales of Wells Fargo, Mannix, Riptide, and The A-Team, has passed away. He was 90.

According to his wife Apache Ging, Ging passed away on Friday at his home in La Quinta, California, from natural causes.

Jack Ging

Jack Ging was raised on a farm in Oklahoma and picked up riding as a young child. He played Beau McCloud in the sixth season of “Tales of Wells Fargo.”

He received a football scholarship to the University of Oklahoma and later participated in the victorious Orange Bowl game versus Maryland.

Jack studied at Sandy Meisner’s Playhouse in New York after playing professional baseball in the Canadian League and serving with the Marines in Quantico, Virginia. He then arrived in Hollywood in 1957, landing his first job on a “Rough Riders” episode.

American western television series Tales of Wells Fargo aired on NBC from 1957 until 1962. Up until its final season, when it was enlarged to an hour and went from black and white to color, the Revue Productions-produced series was broadcast in a half-hour format.

He was hired for Tales of Wells Fargo when the show transitioned from being in black and white to color and was extended to an hour, but he claimed he was given very little to do.

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