Anna May Wong: Actress Liu Tsong was born in the United States. Many people consider her to be the first Chinese-American movie star in Hollywood.

She was also the first to achieve recognition on a global scale. She is not only the first Asian American to appear in the US currency but also one of the first women to be depicted on the reverse quarter as part of the American Women’s Quarter series that will run from 2022 until 2025.

Anna May Wong was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 3, 1905, one block north of the Chinatown district. She was the second child to be born to Wong Sam-sing and his second wife, Lee Gon-toy.

In total, Wong Sam-sing and Lee Gon-toy had seven children. In 1910, the family relocated to a location on Figueroa Street, where they were the only people of Chinese descent on their block

. She began pleading with her father for roles in movies when she was only nine years old, and as a result, she became known as “C.C.” (short for “Curious Chinese Child”) because she was so fascinated by the film industry

. During a time of intense racism and discrimination in the United States, Anna May Wong contributed to mainstream American audiences’ understanding of the humanity of Chinese Americans.

Her novel “The Toll of the Sea,” which was first released in 1918, is the primary reason for her widespread renown.

Gemma Chan is in negotiations to play Wong in the upcoming biopic that is being produced by Working Title Films.

According to recent reports, Li Jun Li will take on the role of Wong in the upcoming drama Babylon directed by Damien Chazelle.

How Many Languages did Anna May Wong Speak?

Anna is an extremely gifted actress who also possesses the gift of speaking a large number of languages. She was fluent in four different languages in addition to her own dialect.

During the course of her life, she picked up not only English and the local dialect of Taishan, but also German and French, both of which she was able to speak fluently.

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