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Imee Marcos Children: Borgy Manotoc, Matthew Manotoc, Michael Manotoc and Matthew Joseph Manotoc

Three boys were born to Marcos and Manotoc: Matthew Joseph (“MJ”), a sports agent and the current governor of Ilocos Norte since June 30, 2019, Fernando Martin (“Borgy”), a commercial model and club DJ, Ferdinand Richard Michael (“Mike”), a lawyer.

Borgy Manotoc

Borgy Manotoc
Borgy Manotoc

In the Philippines, Borgy Manotoc works as a professional model and actor. His relationship with the past president of the Philippines is what makes him more well-known.

He is Ferdinand Marcos’ grandson. The political family of the impassioned actor and model is one of strength and influence.

On April 9, 1983, Borgy Manotoc was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in the United States. He is the son of Tommy Manotoc and Imee Marcos and the grandson of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos.

The Manotocs traveled far and lived in Portugal, Florida, and Singapore before going back to the Philippines. Prior to starting college in San Diego and transferring to New York, he attended Ateneo and the International School.

Matthew Manotoc

Matthew Manotoc
Matthew Manotoc

Filipino politician and sportsman Matthew Joseph Marcos Manotoc hails from Ilocos Norte in the country.

He was a senior provincial board member representing Ilocos Norte’s second legislative district from 2016 to 2019, and he is currently the province’s governor.

The youngest child of Tommy La’O Manotoc and Imee Romualdez Marcos, Manotoc was born in Morocco on December 9, 1988.

He belongs to the Marcos family. His parents apparently lived under false passports when exiled in Morocco at the time of his birth.

He departed for the United States in 2006 to attend Claremont McKenna College.

In the 2016 local elections in the Philippines, Manotoc ran and won a seat on the provincial board to represent the 2nd legislative district of Ilocos Norte.

He was also appointed as the Senior Provincial Board Member of Ilocos Norte, making him the province’s third-highest official.

Michael Manotoc

Michael Manotoc 
Michael Manotoc 

Michael Manotoc is a Lawyer and the Second son of Imee Marcos. After his grandfather’s presidency, Michael Manotoc became the first Marcos to enroll in UP Law School.

Michael M. Manotoc works as an associate in the Corporate & Commercial/M&A Practice Group at Quisumbing Torres.

He participates in both the Competition Focus Group and the Industrial, Manufacturing & Transportation Industry Group.

He has six years of expertise advising domestic and foreign clients on a range of business issues, such as the formation of legal entities, issues related to conducting business, and the registration and reporting requirements for corporate entities.

General corporate and commercial law, including corporate compliance and governance, mergers and acquisitions, and investments, are the main areas of practice for Michael.

He has acted as a representative for global corporations in a range of sectors, including services, industrial manufacturing, financial institutions, healthcare, and media & telecommunications.

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