Is Clarence Thomas Dead or Alive?

Clarence Thomas is still alive.

The Supreme Court said in a statement that Justice Clarence Thomas had been admitted to the hospital with an illness.

According to Supreme Court spokesman Patricia McCabe, Thomas was admitted to Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C., on Friday evening after experiencing flu-like symptoms.

Following tests, he was diagnosed with an infection and is being treated with intravenous antibiotics, according to McCabe. She didn’t go into any further information about the infection.

According to McCabe, the patient’s condition has improved, he is resting well, and he hopes to be discharged from the hospital in the next day or two.

The briefs, transcripts, and audio from the oral arguments will allow Justice Thomas to participate in instances where he is unable to be present in person.

Thomas hasn’t had any health difficulties in the past two years, and he’s been an active participant in Court discussions during that time.

COVID-19 vaccinations have been given to him and the other eight judges, according to the Supreme Court.

For the next two weeks, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments beginning on Monday at 10 a.m.

There is no indication from McCabe’s statement, but it looks that Thomas will not participate in the debates remotely, but will still vote.


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