Jayda Cheaves is not your typical social media influencer, nor is she simply known as the lady who is famous for dating musician Lil Baby and having a child with him. Instead, she is a successful entrepreneur.

The mother of one is one of a select few social media influencers who was able to convert her social capital into a lucrative cash flow that allowed her to become a successful entrepreneur.

She did this by launching her own hair business as well as serving as an ambassador for brands such as Savage x Fenty and Fashion Nova.

Jayda Wayda has more than 5.8 million Instagram followers, 142,500 Twitter followers, and more than 326,000 YouTube subscribers.

After news of Cheaves’s relationship and ties to Lil Baby spread, she began to gain popularity through all of these social media profiles.

Jayda cheaves
Jayda cheaves

Is Jayda cheaves a Millionaire?

Jayda cheaves is a millionaire. she has a net worth of $5 million dollars and that’s through her hair business and other ventures

What Does Jayda cheaves Do For a Living?

Cheaves launched her career as an entrepreneur with the help of her renowned business, Amour Jayda L.L.C. She also sells human hair in addition to her clothing brand, which is called Waydamin merch.

Cheaves has amassed more than 345 thousand views and subscribers on YouTube. The secret to success, according to the self-made billionaire, is reliability.

Cheaves adds that her business began to take off when she was just 16 years old, and at the same time, her social media pages began to take off as well, progressively acquiring followers from fans and even celebrities


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