Jess Thwaite and her husband of eleven years, Joe thwaite are the couples who have won the Lucky Dip worth 184 million to the United Kindom. The couple from Gloucester has become famous after winning Britain’s biggest ever lottery last week. The couple who received their money today, May,19,2022 has expressed their shock and excitement over the win.

Jess Thwaite Parents: Who Is Jess Thwaite Father? Who Is Jess Thwaite Mother?
Jess Thwaite Parents: Who Is Jess Thwaite Father? Who Is Jess Thwaite Mother?

Mrs.Thwaite said, “The win gives us time to dream we haven’t had before, We’ve had one week to think about this, and now it’s time to share lots of experiences and go on adventures with family and friends”.

Jess who is 44 runs a hair salon with her sister and is a mother of two young children who became public after appearing with her husband Joe, at a news public conference concerning their win.

Who is Jess Thwaite’s Father?

Much information is not known about Jess Thwaits’s parents but she had expressed some joy that her late father had been a fan of the lottery and hoped he would win one day before his demise. She revealed that she was prepared to win thanks to her father who openly asked her and her siblings what she would do with the money if they happen to win a lottery.

Who is Jess Thwaite’s Mother?

Jess has not shared any details about her mother but mentioned what ensued in the conversation she had with her when she told her about the lottery. Her mother’s name and information are unknown.

She recalled telling her mother”I’ve got something to tell, a secret to tell you but you have to promise not to tell anyone”.She further recounted that her mother thought she was pregnant where she brushed the statement stating “It’s better than being pregnant”.

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