Kristopher Minners, simply called Kris Minners happens to be one of the victims killed in the Philadelphia mass shooting that occurred on Saturday the 4th of June 2022. About 14 people were shot in the shooting out of which three were killed including Kris.

Kris Minners was just 22 years old and was a second-grade resident advisor at Girard College, which is a five-day boarding school situated in Philadelphia for students in grades 1 to 12. He was also a member of the Girard College Federation of Teachers.


Kristopher Minner
Kristopher Minner

The College released a statement after it was confirmed that Kris was part of those killed in the shooting. The statement reads like this, “The Girard College community was shocked and saddened to learn that Kristopher Minners, a current Residential Advisor and former student, was killed in the tragic shooting on South St. in Philadelphia Saturday night. An innocent bystander, Kris had just turned 22 and was celebrating with family and friends. He attended Girard College until 9th grade and since January 2022 has worked in the residential program advising 6th and 2nd-grade boys.

Our hearts are broken for Kristopher and his family, and our thoughts are with everyone who was impacted by this appalling act of violence.

Kristopher was so proud to return to Girard and serve as a role model to the young boys in his care, said James D. Turner, Interim President. He was doing an amazing job for us, even being named RA of the month in March. Kris was a vital member of our community, and his loss will be felt deeply.”

Who Is Kristopher Minners Father?

As it stands now, we do not know who Kris Minners father is. Any information on him will be made available.

Who Is Kristopher Minners Mother?

Kris Minner’s mother is also not known as we do not know who she is yet.


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