Lauren Shulkind is a mosaic artist who is 75 years old. She was born in 1947 in New York City and has always loved to paint.

Shulkind and Dow were married on June 16, 1980.

Shulkind’s relationship with Dow is undetermined, however she often updates fans on his wellbeing on social media.

She wrote on her blog about Dow’s cancer coming back when he turned 77, according to the New York Post.

She made a post on Facebook at the time stating, “He is embracing this reality so bravely, but it is truly heartbreaking.

Dow was married to Carol Marlow before he married Shulkind. After 11 years together, the two separated in 1980.

Lauren Shulkind unintentionally spread false information about her husband’s death in July 2022.

She informed Dow’s management that he had passed away, according to the New York Post.

Lauren, Tony’s wife, who was inconsolable, informed us of Tony’s passing this morning and begged that we inform all of his followers, according to a Facebook post.

“As we’re sure you can imagine, she’s been going through a really tough time.

Since then, Tony’s daughter-in-law has called to let us know that although he is not doing well, but he is still alive.

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