Mark Walter is an American businessman and the CEO of Guggenheim Partners, a privately-held worldwide financial services organization with offices in Chicago and New York and more than $310 billion in assets under management.

He is also a part-owner of the Major League Baseball team Los Angeles Dodgers. Investment firm Guggenheim Partners manages over $260 billion and employs more than 2,000 people across six countries.

Mark Walter

Walter is a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and a graduate of Jefferson High School in Cedar Rapids. Along with Steven E. Johnson, he created Liberty Hampshire Company, LLC in 1996 and Guggenheimer Partners, LLC a year later.

When the Dodgers were purchased for $2.15 billion in 2012, he was a key member of the team’s acquisition team. Peter Guber, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Stan Kasten, Todd Boehly, and Bobby Patton are a few of his closest friends and business colleagues.

As of 2018, Billie Jean King and her business partner Ilana Kloss have become part owners of the Dodgers and will do so in 2019.

Frank Walters, the owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been rated the eighth most powerful person in the sports business.

A year later, Walter and his associates purchased another professional sports franchise, the Los Angeles Sparks, in the same year. His partner Boehly made a bid to purchase the English football club Chelsea in 2022, he joined him.

Who Is Mark Walter’s Father?

Ed Walters is Mark Walter’s father. Mark Walter was born as a result of Ed Walter’s marriage to a stunning woman. However, nothing is known about Ed Walters.

Who Is Mark Walter’s Mother?

We don’t know anything about his mother’s identity or any of his other family members.

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