Meet Chris Matheson’s Wife Katherine Matheson

Chris Matheson

The parliamentary inspector has recommended that Labour MP Christian Matheson be expelled from the Commons for four weeks due to “serious sexual misconduct.”

Two sexual misconduct claims made against Mr. Matheson by a former employee have been proven true. According to the story, he allegedly invited her on a personal trip abroad.

Chris Matheson
Chris Matheson

It claimed that the invitation was “sexually oriented” and “unwanted.”He has resigned from his position as of today.

British politician Christian Matheson, born on 2 January 1968, served in the Labour Party.
He represented the City of Chester constituency as a Member of Parliament (MP) from the time he won the seat in the general election of 2015 until his resignation in October 2022.

It has been said about Matheson that he has “somewhat left-of-center beliefs.” In June 2013, Matheson was chosen as the Labour Party’s candidate for the City of Chester’s parliamentary seat.

After the general election in 2015, he defeated Conservative Stephen Mosley for the seat with a majority of 93 votes, giving him the third-smallest majority in a parliamentary constituency in the UK. He joined the Commons Culture, Media, and Sport Committee in July 2015.

Matheson, who now resides in Hoole with his family, was raised in a rural area in Cheshire. He is married to Katherine Matheson, and the couple has two kids who are both enrolled at Chester schools.

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