Single mom-of-four and colon cancer survivor Sarah Langlands was declared deceased by the medical examiner. For the sake of her children, Sarah Langlands, 35, decided to travel to Thailand for a “final effort at a cure” so she could see them grow up.

Although this was the case, it looked as though the “holistic” treatment provided by the Thai centre was useless. Sarah Langlands, 35, died after a 14-month battle with colorectal cancer.

A year ago, the mother’s cancer progressed to her liver, which was her first symptom of illness. Despite her doctors’ reluctance to treat her nocturnal sweats seriously, she continued.

After that, she found a lump that an ultrasound technician described as fatty tissue for her as a result of her experience. Stage 4 cancer was diagnosed in her after a few weeks of treatment in the hospital.

She struggled for her life so that she could be there for her four little children as they grew up. Sarah’s sister conveyed the news in a heartbreaking text message, informing her family that she had lost her battle with cancer on

Meet Sarah Langlands Mother Tina Langlands

Sarah’s mother is Tina Langlands, although he has a limited amount of knowledge about her.

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