Paul Sorvino was an American actor, opera singer, businessman, writer, and sculptor. He often portrayed authority figures on both sides of the law and was known for his roles as Paulie Cicero (based on Paul Vario) in the 1990 gangster film Goodfellas, and NYPD Sergeant Phil Cerreta on the TV series Law & Order.

As a result of his work in the 1972 Broadway drama That Championship Season, written by Jason Miller, Sorvino was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance, which garnered him widespread critical acclaim. He appeared in the film adaptation of the play in the same role.

Paul Sorvino
Paul Sorvino

Sorvino also had an outstanding supporting role in the film A Touch of Class, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. In 1981, Sorvino co-starred in the film Reds, directed by his old friend Warren Beatty. This was the first of three such collaborations between the two actors.

It is possible that Sorvino will be best remembered for his role as Paul Cicero, also known as Big Pauly, in the film Goodfellas directed by Martin Scorsese.

In 1991, he began a run on NBC’s Law & Order as the character of Det. Philip Cerreta, the partner of Chris Noth’s Det. Mike Logan, which lasted for a total of 31 episodes.

After suffering an injury in the line of duty, the role of Det. Lennie Briscoe, played by Jerry Orbach, took over the series and became the new protagonist.

The Day of the Dolphin, Oh, God!, The Gambler, Cruising, Bulworth, Romeo + Juliet, The Cooler, and Mambo Italiano are just some of the other movies in which he has appeared. In Oliver Stone’s film Nixon, he also had the role of Henry Kissinger.

Paul Sorvino Age: How old was Paul Sorvino at His Death?

Paul Sorvino was 83 years at the time of his death. His spokesperson, Roger Neal, confirmed that he died Monday morning at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, of natural causes. Recently, Sorvino had been dealing with health concerns.


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