On September 28, 2022, the death of the rapper Coolio was unexpected and appears to have been caused by a heart attack. Because of this, many of Coolio’s admirers are curious about whether or not he had a wife.

Who is Rapper Coolio?

Coolio was an American rapper, producer, actor, reality TV star, and entertainer.

He hit peak fame for his 1995 hit Gangsta’s Paradise, for which he won a Grammy award.

His song – Aw, Here It Goes! – was used as the theme song for Nickelodeon’s hit TV show, Kenan and Kel.

Artis Leon Ivey Jr. was born August 1, 1963, in Monessen, Pennsylvania, and later moved to Compton, California.

After attending Compton Community College, he worked in jobs such as volunteer firefighting and security at Los Angeles International Airport, before becoming a rapper.

Is Rapper Coolio Married?

Rapper Coolio was not married at the time of his death. However, he had already been married to another woman.

Their marriage lasted from 1996 till 2000, and her name is Josefa Salinas. Together with Salinas, Coolio is the father of four children.

Coolio had ten children with several women, according to The Sun.

He was romantically related to Anabella Bellesi in 2009, and the two had Christopher, who is said to be his tenth kid.

Before he passed away, the Fantastic Voyage rapper had a relationship with Mimi Ivey.


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