The story of the late Rapper Goonew is fast going viral on major social media platforms and online news websites.

Goonew was a rapper who was killed in a shooting and his bereaved mother has already issued a message to his assailants. And the Rapper was only 24 years old when he died suddenly.

The Police Services in Maryland have published information on the shooting. They have identified the killer as Markelle Morrow, better known by his rapper name Goonew, who was shot dead on Friday.

Rapper Goonew Obituary

The body of rapper Goonew was reportedly propped up on stage during a funeral event at a nightclub, sparking outrage among fans.

In the making rounds on social media, the body of the late rapper’s reportedly embalmed corpse standing on stage as the packed-out club danced and rapped to his music.

Rapper Goonew Cause of death

Goonew died after suffering life-threatening injuries during a shooting in a parking lot in District Heights

Rapper Goonew Funeral

Rapper Goonew was given a weird funeral ceremony where his dead body was brought to a club for the funeral.

Rapper Goonew Corpse

While it is still unclear if Goonew’s family gave permission for his body to be present at the party or if the club decided to bring it in a bid to sell tickets, video footage of the rapper’s dead body at The Last Show event has gone viral.


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