How did Goonew die? What killed Rapper Goonew?

In the 3400 block of Walters Lane in the District Heights neighbourhood, a 24-year-old rapper, Markelle Morrow, was shot and killed on March 18.

Reports from his mother Patrice Parker Morrow claim that her son was shot in the back and that a huge bejewelled pendant was snatched off his neck during an attempted robbery.

In the wake of the shooting death of an up-and-coming rapper in a heist two weeks ago, a nightclub hosted what seemed to be a ‘funeral’ for the deceased rapper.

Goonew fans were shocked when cellphone recordings emerged from the event, nicknamed The Final Show, which was hosted at club Bliss in Washington, DC on Sunday night.

While mourners joined him on stage, the 24-year-old rapper, whose true name was Markelle Morrow, had his embalmed body propped up on a table.

Fans of the rapper and others who couldn’t believe the macabre nature of the situation were angered by footage from the event, which was dubbed “The Final Show.”

In an Instagram message, the Bliss nightclub management stated that they were unaware of the events that would take place at the send-off.

They claimed that a funeral home had reached out to them in order to hire the facility, and they expressed regret for any offence caused.

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