Cody Ackland, the prime suspect in the murder case of teenager Bobbie-Anne McLeod has been released by the police. He pleaded guilty to murdering Plymouth teenager Bobbi-Anne McLeod, 18.

According to media reports, Bobbi-Anne went missing on November 20, 2021, and upon thorough investigation b the police, her body was found three days later.

Ackland was accused of murdering the young lady between November 20 and November 23 last year.

He was eventually arrested and appeared in court for the first time on November 26. He has been remanded in custody ever since.

The latest update from the court’s hearing which happened today is that the suspect Cody Ackland, a musician pleaded guilty to the charges made against him.

Present at the court hearing was McLeod’s family, including her mother, Donna, and older brother, Lee, sat at the back of the court.

While friends watched proceedings on a video link from an adjacent court, the teenager’s mother Donna McLeod was in tears throughout the brief hearing.

Why did Musician Cody Ackland Killed Bobbi-Anne McLeod?

Cody Ackland and Bobbie-Anne McLeod were not known to each other and the motive for the attack remains unclear but it is believed Ackland used violence to get her into his vehicle and then beat her repeatedly.



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