Who is Musician Cody Ackland and Why did he Kill Bobbi-Anne McLeod?

Cody Ackland and police

Cody James Ackland, a musician was born on June 1, 1997, at the St. Vincenz-Krankenhaus medical clinic in Paderborn, Germany.

His dad, David Ackland, according to detail on his birth certificate is a Lance Corporal in the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment.

The Devon and Dorset Regiment, which his dad was in, was consolidated into The Rifles in 2007.

His mom is Helen Ackland. The pair were hitched in 1990, yet have since divorced.

Ackland resided with his mom in the Southway region of the city, about two and a half miles from McLeod’s home.

Ackland, who was educated at Estover Community College in Plymouth, has been posting entertainment pictures dowing pints between songs on social media.

As a known musician, Ackland was the lead guitarist and songwriter for the Plymouth rock band named Rakuda.

Named after a bar in the city, the band disbanded after he was charged.

Ackland and his bandmates, who had portrayed their influences as Kasabian and Oasis, had developed a clique following.

Why Did He Kill Bobbi-Anne McLeod?

Cody Ackland and Bobbie-Anne McLeod were not known to each other and the motive for the attack remains unclear but it is believed Ackland used violence to get her into his vehicle and then beat her repeatedly.

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