Who was Big Wizzle? DMV rapper Goonew killed in shooting

Rapper Goonew

Who was Big Wizzle? DMV rapper Goonew killed in shooting

On Friday, March 18, DMV rapper Goonew, better known as Big Wizzle, was reportedly shot and died. The death of the rapper adds to the numerous number of rappers who have been shot dead in the past.

Big Wizzle’s death adds up to the death of rappers like VNZA who was assassinated in Missouri in June. Supa Gates, a Brooklyn rapper, met a similar end on April 11 when he was shot numerous times near Troy Avenue in Crown Heights. In July 2021, Chicago rapper KTS Dre made news when he was shot 64 times in the head.

According to reports, Goonew was said to have been shot on 3400 Bl. of Walters Lane in District Hts, M.D but was confirmed dead upon reaching the hospital.

Law enforcement is now investigating the homicide shooting. Fans of the rapper took to social media expressing shock as some expressed their disbelief of the death of the superstar.

The artist began releasing music in 2017 and his debut album Big 64 was released in 2018.

Big Wizzle is said to have been single at the time of his death as there is no reports about him having a girlfriend or any child as at now.

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