Early on Sunday morning, Roger E. Mosley passed away. On the CBS detective program Magnum, P.I., he played the part of helicopter pilot Theodore “TC” Calvin, for which he was best known. He was 83.

Although there was no indication of a cause of death, the actor was recently involved in a car accident, which left him paralyzed from the shoulders down and in serious condition, according to a post made by his daughter early on Saturday morning.

Roger E. Mosley Daughter: Who is Ch-a Mosley?
Roger E. Mosley Daughter: Who is Ch-a Mosley?

His daughter Ch-a Mosley, who confirmed the news on Facebook, said that he was accompanied by family as he peacefully transitioned.” A man this great could never be lamented by us. He would hate any tears shed in his honor.”

Famous American actor and director Roger Earl Mosley was married to Toni Laudermick. He is well known for his amazing roles in classic television shows including The Mac, Hit Man, and Magnum P.I. He has been married to Laudermick since 1976, and the two of them have three children.

Even though in real life Mosley is a licensed private helicopter pilot, he was not allowed to perform his stunts on the Magnum P.I. set. Instead, a body-stocking-clad pilot with fake muscles was used.

Who is Ch-a Mosley?

Mosley had been seeing Antoinette Laudermick for 60 years before they got married. He had three kids in total. The three children of Toni Launderick’s are still unnamed. Ch-a Mosley, Toni Launderick’s only child who is known to exist, is the youngest.

The 46-year-old Ch-a Mosley has a great relationship with both of her parents.

Ch-a Mosley is a really vivacious and entertaining individual. This is clear from Ch-posts on Facebook, where she discusses how much she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, visiting the beach, and generally making the most of the opportunities life offers her.


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