Tiffany Cross has created a name for herself in the journalism space. The well-known journalist also works as a political analyst, an author, and a television host.

Her career has spanned over two decades working as a reporter and working her way up as an associate producer.

Tiffany Cross was born in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. Cross spent her childhood bouncing between Cleveland, Ohio, and Atlanta, Georgia as she moved about a lot.

She used to fantasize about being the “brown Murphy Brown” when she was a young girl. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from Clark Atlanta University, where she concentrated her studies on media like radio, television, and film.

When Tiffany first entered the field of journalism, she worked as a reporter for a local Atlanta radio station. In the early 2000s, she was employed by CNN in the production department as an associate producer.

Additionally, she served as the Washington, District of Columbia bureau chief for BET Networks. At some point in the future, she started working as an Institute of Politics fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Cross has also been seen frequently on MSNBC, most notably on AM Joy with Joy Reid, where she is a co-host.

Who Are Tiffany Cross’ Parents?

Tiffany Cross was born to Ramona Cross, who is a single parent. There is no information about her dad. Ramona was very young when she gave birth to Tiffany and her brother


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