Tytyana Miller was quite a well-known American celebrity child and a part-time actress. She was born on June 15, 1992. She was renowned for being the daughter of famous American rapper Percy Robert Miller popularly known as Master P, and her mother Sonya C.Miller. The 29-year-old passed away in the early hours of today, May 29, 2022.

The cause of her death has been associated to substance abuse and mental issues by her family.It is reported that she was abusing drugs when her parents divorced. She was, however, to be well after pulling through the addiction but could overcome the mental and physical side effects of the drug. Miller worked in the Hollywood industry for some time but later dropped the acting due to some unknown reasons.

Tytyana Miller Children: Who Are Tytyana Miller Children?
Tytyana Miller Children: Who Are Tytyana Miller Children?

Tytyana was one of the seven children; Cymphonique Miller, Tytyana Miller, Itali Miller, Inty Miller, Romeo Miller, and more of her parents, Percy and Sonya Miller. She was the third eldest child and had two step-siblings from her father’s other relationships.

Who Are Tytyana Miller’s Children?

Tytyana was not having any children at the time of her death. She was not married either. There is currently no information about her past relationships

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