Charles Hunt is an entrepreneur and the brother of British politician Jeremy Hunt. Charles Hunt is the CEO of  Peacock Blue Ltd, a company that deals in apparel. During the start-up of the company, his brother, Jeremy gave him a loan for his company.

Charles has also started companies like Coast Production Ltd 2005-2006, Gadgetron Ltd 2006-2007, Kbo Associates Ltd 2006-2006, Peacock Blue Ltd 1996-2004, Peaslake Free School Ltd 2012-2015, Sehsel Ltd 2005-2006, Soak & Sleep Holdings Ltd 2013, Soak & Sleep Ltd 2009.

Although Charlie’s current firm, Soak & Sleep Ltd., was created from his earlier venture, Duvet & Pillow Warehouse, the latter appears to be still operational as a separate legal entity with the following subsidiaries:

  • Bed & Mattress Warehouse Ltd
  • Coast Production Ltd
  • Gadgetron Ltd

What Disease is Charles Hunt Suffering From?

Charles Hunt has a form of cancer known as sarcoma, which is known to spread quickly and is very deadly. Even though he has had wonderful care from the NHS and has been alive for almost three years now, the fight against his illness is still an uphill one for him and his family.


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