The Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood will not appear in court until Monday morning after spending the rest of the weekend in jail. On Saturday, Greenwood was put on trial for rape, using coercive or controlling behavior, and assault that actually caused bodily harm.

The subject of each count is the same person. The Manchester United striker is also being looked at for allegedly breaking the terms of his parole by getting in touch with the alleged victim.

After receiving approval from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for the case to move forward, Greater Manchester Police prosecuted the football player. On Sunday morning, GMP announced that Greenwood will remain behind bars until his initial hearing.

The 21-year-old hasn’t played for Manchester United since being detained on accusations of rape, assault, and making threatening to kill someone in January and being released on bail.

In a statement released on Saturday, Manchester United noted that Mason Greenwood had been charged with a crime by the Crown Prosecution Service. In order to wait for the resolution of the legal proceedings, the club has suspended him.

Mason Greenwood, 21, will be charged with sexual assault, using coercive or controlling behavior, and assault causing actual bodily harm, the Crown Prosecution Service has authorized Greater Manchester Police to charge.

This was confirmed on Saturday by Janet Potter, the Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West.

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