You surely noticed Justin Thomas’ tattoo on his left arm while watching the Masters or any other PGA Tour competitions

Thomas honors his family with a tattoo. The tattoo has three Roman numerals denoting the number one, the letter I, and a capping line over the middle I are inked on Thomas’ body.

The 2017 PGA Champion Justin Thomas explained on Instagram that his tattoo honors his family. Each letter stands for a member of his close family: his mother, his father, and himself.

Thomas added a new one at the beginning of the year. The tattoo has the signature of his late grandpa Paul Thomas which is located on the side of his right upper arm.

Thomas claimed that he got the tattoo not long before his grandfather, who was 89 years old, passed away in early February.

According to Thomas, the difficult aspect was getting the signature, so he called his grandmother.

“I replied, ‘This is strange, but could you have grandfather sign this?'” Thomas stated. “His signature is reminiscent of Arnold Palmer, and I have always remembered this. I requested that she send me a photograph of it.

Thomas stated that he had given his grandfather a photograph of the completed product.

Thomas stated with a chuckle, “He called me and said he would charge me residuals every time he saw it on television.”


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