During a protest on the Black lives matter in Kenosha, a family’s fate and a mother’s love would be tested when their son (Kyle Rittenhouse) is alleged, to have shot at demonstrators as he attends this same protest. This will lead to media outlets trying to find out who the parents of this young lad are. Let’s take a look.

Who is Kyle Rittenhouse’s father?

Aside from the fact that the New Yorker ever recorded that Michael Rittenhouse was once a machine operator and experimented with drugs and alcohol and that when his son Kyle was four years old, Michael was charged with domestic assault and battery after it was alerted that he punched his wife in the stomach though he denied it and the charges were dismissed, not so much is known about Michael Rittenhouse, the father of Kyle Rittenhouse. He is however known to currently reside in Kenosha and has since been sober.

Who is Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother?

Wendy Rittenhouse is Kyle’s mother. She is a known nursing assistant and a single mother who has gracefully raised three children over the years. Just like Kyle’s father, Wendy has been able to keep a very low profile even during Kyle’s trials little is known about her.

Kyle Rittenhouse Parents
Kyle Rittenhouse Parents Kyle’s mother during her son’s trial.

It is on record that contrary to rumors that she drove her son to the protest, Wendy actually gave him two options to either flee town or turn himself in when Kyle returned from the protest and after Kyle picked an option, she drove him to the police to ask for an attorney at 1 am.

From reportedly forcing her son to go to the authorities to receiving death threats and just like many mothers out there will do for their children, Wendy Rittenhouse still believes her son Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent and only shot on account of self-defense as she will be recorded during a sit-down interview as saying  “he is not a monster. If he didn’t have that gun, he would have been dead, Point-blank. It was all self-defense. I saw it. If I wasn’t his mother, I would have said the same thing – it was self-defense. He was chased by a bunch of mobs“.

Kyle Rittenhouse
Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle according to Kenosha authorities is alleged to have shot at demonstrators of the black lives matter who were marching to protest the shooting and killing of a black young man named Jacob Blake. He allegedly shot three individuals; Joseph Rosenbaum(36), Anthony Huber(26) and injured Gaige Grosskreutz(26).

Kyle who was 17 years old when this incident happened is currently standing trial in Wisconsin and has since pleaded not guilty.


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