R. Kelly is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and convicted sex offender. Surviving R. Kelly, a Lifetime docuseries that premiered in January 2019, helped bring the scandal back to light. RCA Records canceled R. Kelly’s contract under pressure from the Mute R. Kelly movement.

In 2019, grand juries in both federal and state courts issued indictments against Kelly in numerous jurisdictions. Kelly was booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center after his arrest.

R Kelly
R Kelly

As of 2021, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York had successfully prosecuted and convicted Kelly on a total of nine felony counts, including violations of the Mann Act and racketeering. Kelly was sentenced to nine years in prison and ordered to pay restitution.

Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in jail on June 29th, 2022. Kelly is still fighting his conviction in New York. Kelly and his ex-employees will return to court in the Northern District of Illinois in June 2022 for a new federal trial.

Accused of both producing child sex abuse material and conspiring with staff to achieve his acquittal in 2008, Kelly has been indicted. On August 15, the trial is slated to begin.

Who is Joanne Kelly R. Kelly’s Mother?

Joanne Kelly, R. Kelly’s mother, died of cancer in 1993. Robert, Carey, Theresa, and Bruce were the four children of Kelly’s mother, who was a single parent for all four of them. In an interview with GQ, Kelly revealed he had a “crush” on his mother, and he was very close to his mother.

Joanne Kelly died from cancer in 1993. Kelly began to focus more on gospel music after her death. Kelly revealed in an interview with GQ that he promised his dying mother he would make her proud with his music career and that he stayed by her bedside till she passed away.

Joann Kelly, a.k.a. “Buku Abi,” Kelly’s eldest child, is named after her mother. Abi and Kelly don’t appear to be talking to each other.


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