Who Is Qin Yi Husband, Chen Tianguo?

Chen Tianguo

Qin Yi was known for her work in the film industry. In the Second Sino-Japanese War, she rose to renown as a theatre performer in Chongqing.

For decades, she was one of China’s most popular cinema stars and was considered one of the country’s top four actresses following World War II.

Qin Yi Husband
Qin Yi Husband

The Premier of China, Zhou Enlai, referred to her as the “most beautiful woman in China”.

Qin Yi was born to a rich Shanghai family on February 4, 1922. Qin De was her given name at birth. She was one of the family’s numerous daughters.

She adored watching movies and her favourite actress was Ruan Lingyu (1910-1935).

Having escaped China in 1937, Qin Yi got involved in anti-Japanese actions in Wuhan after the Japanese invasion.

Theatre ensembles she joined included the Imperial Minister, The Good Earth Huichun, and La Traviata, among others.

Among China’s “four famous theatre actresses” were Shu Xiuwen, Zhang Ruifang, and Bai Yang, 1943, according to a writer.

Who Is Qin Yi’s Husband, Chen Tianguo?

Actor Chen Tianguo married Qin Yi in 1939. Chen was an alcoholic and physically violent, and the marriage was short-lived. They gave birth to one daughter,

Despite the fact that she had given birth to a daughter, whom she nicknamed Jin Feiheng after adopting her stepfather’s surname, she opted to divorce him.

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