Roman Abramovich is a Russian born businessman and politician, who was born on October 24, 1966, in Saratov in Russia. His parents were of Ashkenazi Jewish descent and he lost both parents when he was just four years old.

Roman is currently the owner of Chelsea football club in London, England. He is also the primary owner of Millhouse LLC in London. He was also in the news recently for being one of seven oligarchs that were sanctioned by the UK government over the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Roman began doing business during his days in the army service. He started as a street trader and later became a mechanic at a local factory. He then attended the Gubkin Institute of Oil and Gas located in Moscow where he traded commodities for the Swiss trading firm, Runicom.

Who is Roman Abramovich’s Wife?

Roman Abramovich is currently without a wife. Though he has been married before.

Does Roman Abramovich Have Many Wives?

Roman Abramovich has been married and divorced three times throughout his lifetime. His first wife was Olga Yurevna whom he married in 1987. They divorced in 1990. They didn’t have any kids.

The following year in October 1991, he remarried. He got married to Irina Malandina and they had five children. In 2007, they divorced.

Then finally in 2008, Roman got married again to his third wife,  Dasha Zhukova. They had two children together, a son, Aaron Alexander and a daughter, Leah Lou. The couple later divorced in 2018 after announcing their separation in 2017.


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