The 2022 Ontario general election is being held on June 2, 2022, to elect Members of the Provincial Parliament to serve in the 43rd Parliament of Ontario.

The fourth calendar year after the previous general election is the new date for Ontario elections as of December 2016. The PC Party, led by Doug Ford, won a commanding majority in the provincial election of June 2018.

It was the first time since 1990 that Andrea Horwath’s New Democratic Party (NDP) rose to the position of Official Opposition.

2022 Ontario General Election: Who Are The Leading Candidates in the Ontario General Election 2022

Party Leader Candidates
Ontario Alliance Joshua Eriksen 2
Canadians’ Choice Party Bahman Yazdanfar 2
Consensus Ontario Brad Harness 11
Ontario Centrist Party Mansoor Qureshi 2
Communist Party of Canada (Ontario) Drew Garvie 13
Electoral Reform Party Peter House 2
Freedom of Choice, Peace & Justice Party Lilya Eklishaeva 2
Freedom Party of Ontario Paul McKeever 11
Green Party of Ontario Mike Schreiner 124
Ontario Liberal Party Steven Del Duca 121 dagger
Ontario Libertarian Party Mark Snow 16
Ontario Moderate Party Yuri Duboisky 17
Northern Ontario Party Trevor Holliday 2
New Blue Party of Ontario Jim Karahalios 123
Ontario New Democratic Party Andrea Horwath 124
None of the Above Party Greg Vezina 28
Ontario Party Derek Sloan 105
Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario Doug Ford 124
Public Benefit Party of Ontario Kathleen Ann Sayer 2
Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party Murray Reid 3
The Peoples Political Party Troy Young 3
People’s Progressive Common Front of Ontario Raymond Samuels 3
Party for People with Special Needs Lionel Poizner 2
Populist Party Ontario Jim Torma 13
Stop the New Sex-Ed Agenda Queenie Yu 3
Independent 41
Total 901

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