An inquest heard that a father of two who was discovered dead in a river in Witham was clothed in only his boxers and was severely inebriated with cocaine when he drowned.

Bradley Lewis, 25, of Witham, was discovered lifeless in the River Brain near Chipping Hill on February 23rd of this year. Bradley was declared deceased at the scene by paramedics and police soon after 9 a.m.

Bradley Lewis Cause Of Death
Bradley Lewis Cause Of Death

Dr. Nathanial Cary of Broomfield Hospital performed a forensic post-mortem, which verified his cause of death as drowning while under the influence of cocaine.

Dr. Cary was summoned to give testimony at Essex Coroners’ Court (Monday, July 9). He described how Bradley was discovered half-dressed on his back in the river. He was dressed in boxers and blue jogging pants that came up to his ankles.

“At some point, he had been lying face down, on his back, and on his side.” “He appeared to have been shifting position in the flowing water,” Dr. Cary testified in court.

“A toxicology result revealed a high amount of cocaine and benzoylecgonine, a cocaine agent, in his blood, as well as recent cannabis usage.”

“Cocaine consumption can result in illogical behavior.” He may have entered the sea with no intention of drowning himself.” Dr. Cary further stated that the medicine might have caused cardiac rhythm problems, epileptic seizures, and a high fever.

He also stated that someone who is extremely drunk from the substance does not make decisions like a “regular person.” DS Trower stated on behalf of Essex Police that the death was a result of a drug overdose.


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