Actress Maggie Fox Cause of Death: How did the Shameless Star Maggie Fox Died?

Maggie Fox

A “sudden accident” claimed the life of actress Maggie Fox, who appeared on Coronation Street and Shameless.

Following the loss of the actress’ family, they are “heartbroken.”

Her loved ones are said to have gathered around her as she died. The accident’s specifics have not been made public.

Previously, Maggie has appeared in two episodes of the long-running ITV soap opera, One Life to Live and As the World Turns.

Reckless and The Forsyte Saga are two of her previous acting performances.

After Maggie’s tragic death, her comedy partner Sue Ryder claimed that her family is “in a state of shock.”

On Facebook, she wrote:

“Maggie Fox, my co-Artistic Director of LipService for the past 40 years, has passed away at the age of 73. Maggie died peacefully at home yesterday, surrounded by her loved ones.”

As Sue went on, she said this:

“Chateau Ghoul’s spring tour was therefore cancelled. As you can expect, I’m devastated.”

On Twitter, fans have also expressed their respects to the late soap star.

Actress Maggie Fox Cause of Death

For now, the cause of the death of Actress Maggie Fox is not yet revealed. We only know that the death came as a result of a sudden accident.

How did the Shameless Star Maggie Fox Die?

As claimed by the family, the life of Actress Maggie Fox was claimed by a sudden accident. Aside from this, not much is known about the real cause.



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