Adekunle is a digital marketing specialist from Nigeria who was born in Lagos. He currently lives there and participates in Big Brother Naija (BBN).

In the Nigerian state of Lagos, he was born and given the name Adekunle Tobilola Olapade. He describes himself as an introvert who enjoys playing video games when he has free time.

Adekunle BBN Parents: Who Are Adekunle BBNaija's Parents?
Adekunle BBN Parents: Who Are Adekunle BBNaija’s Parents?

He thinks that by winning Big Brother Naija Season 7, he will be able to help his mother pay off her debts, such as her mortgage and other financial obligations.

At this point in his life, Adekunle is twenty-seven years old. He “takes pleasure in being a giver who solves other people’s problems,” according to his statement. He speaks with a lot of complicated words.

There are new fans and people who would love to view Adekunle’s pics and videos on his social media accounts. Adekunle has the Instagram handle @adekunleolopade_.

BBNaija Adekunle is currently not married when he entered the competition house and according to him, he is single.

He calls himself “a self-actualized introvert” and takes pride in being a giver who helps others get over their obstacles.

Who Are Adekunle BBNaija’s Parents?

There are many fans and people who are currently interested in knowing the family member of BBNaija Adekunle. However, the information about his parents have not yet been released at the time of this publication.

Adekunle may be found playing games on his phone or watching his favorite show, Family Guy, on YouTube when he isn’t daydreaming about bettering his life and discovering how to make the world a better place.

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