Aiden Hammond Parents: Who is Aiden Hammonds Dad Noureddine Boufaied?

Alison Hammond

Who is Aiden Hammond’s Dad Noureddine Boufaied?

It is common knowledge that Noureddine Boufaied was previously wed to the famous English television personality Alison Hammond.

Their union ended in divorce. This has been one factor that has led to Boufaied’s rising popularity. In spite of this, he is not wholly dependent on the celebrity status that has been associated with his name because he also has a profession of his own.

He has his own business. The relationship that Noureddine maintains with his ex-wife is one of goodwill and respect. They were very hands-on parents when it came to raising their sons, who are all grown up and on their own today.

At the beginning of November 2021, Noureddine was featured in a photo that Alison had uploaded on TikTok as a submission for a challenge that she was taking part in.

The movie focused on the interaction between the two characters. The compensation that Noureddine receives for his work as a cab driver is respectable, which contributes to the expansion of his entire wealth.

Alison Hammond was born on 5 February 1975 and is a television personality and actress in England and was previously married to him.

In 2002, she was a contestant on the third season of the reality show Big Brother, and during that competition, she was the second housemate to be sent out of the house.

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