Palermo Today reports that the Nigerian footballer was found dead this morning in a Peugeot via Martoglio, Ballar. Because there were no obvious signs of trauma to his body, violent death was ruled out.

He’d been to the hospital several times in the last two weeks for leg discomfort, but nothing had helped. He was scheduled to take an exam at the Polyclinic early the next morning, but he was unable to walk there.

Omolade was picked up by a buddy in his Peugeot, but as soon as he got in the car, he felt sick. When help arrived, there was nothing else that could be accomplished.

The carabinieri are collecting medical records in an effort to determine the exact cause of death in each case they investigate.

For many years Omolade has been living in Italy and has a little daughter; in addition to playing football, Omolade worked as a court interpreter and, according to his family, he had no health issues.

When he wore the Treviso shirt in 2001, he became a household name. It wasn’t his first run-in with bigotry, but approximately 30 Venetian ultras took down their banners and fled the stadium to protest his purchase because they didn’t like his skin tone.

Following that, all Treviso players (including the coach and the bench) donned black face paint to enter the field in solidarity for Treviso-Genoa.

After that, Omolade went to Turin, where he made his Serie A debut against Inter in February 2003, wearing the grenade shirt.

Ribera and Mazara were two of the events he competed in before he retired, with Borgata Terrave and Altofonte following suit.

How Tall Is Akeem Omolade?

Akeem Omolade’s height is 1.76 m.


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