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Alex Sawyer Children: Meet Alex Sawyer’s Son Freddie Sawyer

Alex Sawyer is known to be the husband of British politician, Priti Patel. Sawyer works as a marketing consultant for the NASDAQ stock market. He serves on the council of the London Borough of Bexley as a Conservative councilor and cabinet member for communities. From February 2014 to August 2017, he also worked part-time as the office manager for his wife’s business.

His wife, Priti Patel held the position of Home Secretary from 2019 until 2022. Before studying economics at Keele University and pursuing postgraduate studies in British government and politics at the University of Essex, she attended a comprehensive school in Watford, Hertfordshire. She was chosen by Andrew Lansley to intern at Conservative Central Office after graduating (then Head of the Conservative Research Department).

She oversaw the Referendum Party’s press office, a single-issue Euroskeptic party, from 1995 to 1997. Patel ran as the Conservative candidate for Nottingham North in the general election of 2005, however he was defeated by Graham Allen, the sitting Labour MP. Following her lost election campaign, new party leader David Cameron recognized her as a good contender and granted her a spot on the “A-List” of potential Conservative parliamentary candidates (PPC).

Priti Patel's Husband Alex Sawyer
Priti Patel’s Husband Alex Sawyer

A fund management company that specializes in the oil and energy sectors and supports net zero gave her a donation of £100,000 in March 2022. Andurand Ventures Ltd. Patel submitted her resignation as home secretary on September 5, 2022, with the resignation taking effect on September 6 when Liz Truss was named prime minister. She then went back to the back benches.

Alex Sawyer Children: Meet Alex Sawyer’s Son Freddie Sawyer

Alex Sawyer’s only child is Freddie Sawyer whom he had with his wife, Priti Patel. He was born in 2008 which makes him 14 years old in 2022.

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